Community Guidelines

My Philosophy of Online Community: My philosophy of online community is that it should be a place for free and open discussions to share opinions, interests, and ideas. This is pretty rare and uncommon these days, but I feel it’s a nice idea at least.

What is Expected of other Commenters: I expect civil and open-minded discussions. No matter what the topic is or who you are talking to I would expect the conversation to be constructive and open with reasoning as to why you agree or disagree.

How to Flag Inappropriate Comments: When there is an offensive or inappropriate comment it should be immediately reported so that it can be dealt with. I wish more online communities cracked down and took this topic seriously because it seems like things that get reported online are never solved.

Policy for Removing Comments: As much as I’d like to leave discussions open, I think there’s definitely a point where things become inappropriate and too far and comments that exceed this boundary will be removed as soon as possible.

Policy for Banning Users: Anyone who is a repeat offender will be banned from commenting on this site. I think most people should get a second chance; however, continuously being disrespectful and offensive will not be tolerated.