Claim Analysis

To begin, any source of media/information that has to do with the topic of Covid-19 is worth double checking. So much misinformation and conspiracy theories have surrounded this topic so before believing anything, further research has to be done.

I’d first start by searching something along the lines of “difference in masks for Covid”. I then started by looking through an extremely trustworthy source being the FDA and their article on what different masks provide in terms of protection.

However, it’s always good to look through multiple sources regardless of the strength of a source like the FDA. This next article is from New York Magazine again about the different strengths of various masks. When you can find that multiple trusted sources say the same or very similar facts, then you know that it’s likely solid evidence.

Since none of these searches led me to either the article or just the image itself that we’re looking for, it’s time for a new search. What I did next was type in exactly what is shown on the image – “Time it takes to transmit an infectious dose of Covid-19”. This immediately led me to find the image in question. The first two links that show up on Google are Reddit links. While at first this doesn’t seem too encouraging, once you click on the Reddit links, you will be taken to the image.

So, the first link will bring you to a subreddit called r/coolguides, which showed the same original picture we’re looking for.

However, the Redditors in the comments who provided links to sources did not provide the exact source of the picture we need. The first source linked us to with this image of the chart:

and the second source was a link to the University of Minnesota’s research on Covid-19 and mask transmission with this version of the same findings:

So, after not finding the same photo, I clicked on the second Reddit link on Google and immediately found the direct source of the image.

This subreddit was r/Masks4All and it clearly shows the same image and the direct tweet from Wall Street Journal Health. So, with that we can click on the WSJ Health username and go directly to their Twitter page.

From there, you click on the media tab to see all of their photos and media which shows us the image we’re looking for from January 6, 2022. WSJ provided the link to the article where this image was originally from as seen here:

Overall, I think it’s safe to state that this was a credible and legit piece of media and information. Wall Street Journal is a known reliable source and so their findings can definitely be trusted. Plus, we were given multiple sources that showed off the same findings providing much more security in this information. Doing research like this is extremely vital because this could’ve just been a random source posting random numbers and misleading people into thinking a certain mask is better than one that is actually safer. Information on Covid is always worth double checking because this image did not look super convincing at first glance, but by digging deeper we see that Wall Street Journal were actually the ones to provide that information.

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