Extra Credit – Advice in the Social Media Era

In our current society, social media and technology is king. There are countless apps and websites to interact with anyone in the world at any time and I think we’ve almost become too used to that mind boggling fact. The best advice that I would be able to give in the modern day is to remain as private as possible. Whether that be having a username that is not, your name. Keeping your accounts private so that only you know who follows you and sees your content, or maybe going completely incognito and not even posting yourself at all online. For example, another family member of mine has a Twitter in order to keep up with news around the world, but she never comments, likes, or posts anything herself. She has a randomly generated username, no profile picture and follows a limited number of accounts. I understand that this probably doesn’t sound fun being in high school, making all kinds of new friends, and wanting to share your life and experiences with all of these people. However, this happens to almost everyone where once you are maybe a senior, or graduated, you kind of wish you never posted anything, or followed so many of these people, and really feel like just deleting your accounts or clearing them all out. So, the main point of that is would just be to regularly check through these accounts and everything you’ve posted, commented, and everyone you follow. Also, it’s important to do this because you can always be monitored without your knowledge whether it be an employee, employer, or other situations where something you may have said or done can come back to hurt you. I think today’s world of social media is a very tricky one to navigate that can really lead to more harm than good, so overall just always keep your privacy and protection as your top priority in mind when using these sites.

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