Hello Professor and classmates, this is Marc Allison. (About Page)

This blog has been all about media literacy and the importance of having knowledge of the internet. I am excited to build upon this page here in MCO 426 after my various blogs from MCO 425. What I am doing with this blog is expressing my learning and thoughts on important topics about our high-tech society. It seems that everything these days involves the internet, and our world revolves around our phones, so it’s so much more important to know as much as we can about. From privacy and security, to our rights online, to various laws, having media literacy is one of the most important skills in today’s world. What I hope to accomplish is a respectable portfolio on these topics and one that maybe even comes across a few eyes and is interesting enough to gain some reads. As for myself, my name is Marc Brandon Allison, and I am a Junior right now at Arizona State University. I am majoring in Mass Communications and Media and have a great interest in reporting and journalism. I am excited for future blogs in this class and can’t wait to add to this site.

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