My Online Privacy and Security

After everything we’ve learned and discussed throughout this course, I am definitely reconsidering everything about how I approach the internet. Specifically, my social media accounts. I have since made all of my social media accounts private accounts because for years I’ve always just had open, public accounts. I now am in control of who follows me and sees what I have to say and post because even if someone is not following you, having a public account means your content is open to the world.

I feel like privacy and security is something that has always been in the back of my mind, but I’ve never fully thought about it or considered the benefits of being as secure as possible. Things on the internet can live forever, including the posts and photos that were uploaded a decade ago and that should not sit right with most people. Just considering the fact that there is likely images of you on Google of when you were a minor or photos you appeared in with your family and friends is enough to make me wish I had always kept tight security on my account. I think a lot of us in this social media era of society were just too young to consider these things and the harm that can come out of it because we were just more concerned with posting to our friends and looking cool in middle school. Like I had mentioned a little bit of in my extra credit assignment, ever since I graduated high school, I wish I had not posted so many pictures and not followed so many people online because the second we all graduated, we didn’t care about each other anymore. In our modern society we overshare so much, and this course has really put that into perspective how unnecessary it all is.

Social media for me is no longer posting what I’m doing or taking selfies as it used to be as I haven’t posted in probably over a year. However, I honestly don’t think I’ll delete my social media accounts anytime soon. My reason for that is so I can keep up with what I have interest in such as sports, certain musicians, and important news, and is no longer about what people I used to know are doing. I do think that if social media stays around for a lot longer that I will end up making brand new accounts with no indication that it is me. I will probably have no profile picture, a randomly generated username, and will likely never post or comment. In the nine or so years I’ve had multiple social media accounts I already feel like I’ve left too much of a footprint online that is of course not reversible. But I do have slight comfort in knowing that I can always private and deactivate my accounts to leave as little trace as possible of what used to be.

Overall, I feel like this was a great course to take to learn about many things we brush over every single day online. Too few of us consider the risks that come with having all of our business and information out in the open for anyone to see and even use. I’m glad I was able to learn some new things and gain new knowledge from the others in this course as to why our privacy online is so vital.

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