News vs. Opinion

The first two articles I am going to present are my factual news articles. The two sources they are coming from are The Washington Post and The New York Times.

Article 1:

The Washington Post article is about the delta variant and how unvaccinated teens are facing much more hospitalization than vaccinated teens. What really opens my eyes about this is that in the early days of Covid-19, it was said that the elderly and those with compromised immune systems were the people who needed to be really careful. However, with these new variants and with Covid continuing to mutate, everyone is at risk. We’re seeing younger and younger groups of people being highly affected by the virus and further proving the importance and effectiveness of the vaccine. According to the CDC, unvaccinated teenagers were hospitalized 10 times more than vaccinated teenagers. These numbers were taken from the age groups 12-17 across 14 states from June 20th to July 31st. With these new alarming numbers, a booster shot seems to be needed very soon for those already vaccinated. This source is a very reliable one as The Washington Post is of course an established credible news source. One thing that is very important about their articles is that they provide statistics and sources with the facts that they provide

Article 2:

The next article comes from the New York Times. This one follows a similar path as the last one. However, it discusses how the Delta variant is affecting even younger children and the age group that was supposed to be the least susceptible to the virus. This group of data that they pulled from extended to 49 states as opposed to the Washington Post’s data pool of 14 states. Their studies have shown that since the surge of delta, children under 4 years old had 16.2 cases per 100,000 kids, 1.9 cases per 100,000 in ages 5 to 11, and 2.9 cases per 100,000 in children between ages 12 and 17. Now, while this doesn’t seem like a lot these numbers continue to rise, and as we’ve seen with Covid, things can happen very quickly. It won’t take much time for the virus to mutate and find more ways to infect younger and younger groups. Which once again points to the importance of vaccines and now getting the youth vaccinated and getting approval for toddlers and children to get their shots. Plus, some children did end up dying because of this variant. According to the studies, 23.2% of children were admitted to the I.C.U., 9.8% required mechanical ventilation, and 1.8% of these children tragically passed. Covid-19 will take an entirely new terrifying shape if it ends up becoming effective in hospitalizing and killing young children.

The next two articles are from CNN and ABC and they classify as opinion and analysis pieces. The CNN article is an opinion article while the ABC one is the analysis.

Article 3:

This article by CNN is about what this writer feels will happen as Covid-19 continues and life after it “passes”. (We of course know it will never fully go away but until it is contained and dormant). This article is by Kent Sepkowitz, and he begins by talking about the 1918 Spanish Flu as evidence for his prediction. While he does state that it is impossible for anyone to know what will happen, here was his thoughts. He predicts that we will see a worse and more horrifying wave of cases with Delta than the original lockdown we had. He states this because of the areas in the U.S. that are highly unvaccinated and the return of school. Schools are bound to become Covid’s best friend as there is so much close contact with hundreds of thousands of people every single day. From the elementary level all the way through college, there is going to be a massive rise in cases. He also points to the fact that the country did such a terrible job in containing the virus in its early days that we are still seeing the repercussions by how quickly variants are emerging and spreading. Which also leads to the worst case scenario, a variant arises that renders these original vaccines we’ve gotten, useless. Overall, he states that we will eventually get past Delta. But whether it is by way of vaccine or suffering is up to the people. He states that Covid will be here for a long time coming and will fluctuate in the coming years with good years and bad years, more effective shots than others, but that we still should focus on the present and do everything we can. This article was a reliable source to me because for one, Kent is a writer for CNN which is a known credible source. Also, his predictions seemed very educated based on prior pandemics and what we have seen with Covid up to this point.

Article 4:

This last article is an analysis piece on ABC written by Dr. Jay Bhatt, and Dr. Asha Shahajan. It talks about how misinformation about Covid and especially vaccines are hurting black and latino communities which is making the pandemic worse. They states that according to the CDC, latino adults are twice as likely to contract Covid and 2.3 times more likely to die from it than white people. While black people contract it the same, they are twice as likely to die. A really shocking stat is that 59.4% of white Americans are vaccinated black Americans are only at 9.1% and latino are at 15.9%. They state that this is directly related to a lack of health education and barriers set for people of color in the U.S. As a result, they’ve offered solutions to get these numbers more equal. The first one is meeting these people where they are in their own communities rather than making it difficult to get where they need to be. This could be things like pop-up vaccination sites in better areas for these people rather than very large vaccination centers that require online appointments and phone calls. The next solution is to have trusted messengers for these communities rather than the same faces they see on tv everyday. The next solution is to try as best as possible to stop the misinformation on social media. This is a tall task but it is definitely possible with a true effort. This article felt like an analysis to me rather than opinion because of the facts it provided about these communities and people and the solutions it offered. They weren’t predicting that these communities would be less vaccinated it was stated, told why this is, and the solutions to this problem.

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