Post #1 – Why is Media Creation Critical to Media Literacy?

I feel as though media creation is important to media literacy because in our fast-paced world, we must continue to create to become more literate. Society advances every single day, especially in technology and our internet capabilities. This leads to more and more ways to utilize media and create amazing things in the world, as well as more opportunities for harm to be done. But overall, it’s a cycle we live in where we continue to become more advanced ourselves in media literacy and gain knowledge.

As stated by the source, “media literacy builds and reinforces skills for learners of all ages.” I think this is such an important point to realize because those who are unfamiliar with media or haven’t had as much experience such as young children or older adults, are so susceptible to harmful areas of media such as scams, hackers, or viruses. Which leads back into why creation can be so critical. We’ve had media created to protect against these harmful things such as Norton Security or McAfee Antivirus, as well as search engines such as Google increasing their measures to protect their users against bad websites or unwanted pop-ups.

As stated earlier, it is so important for users of the internet and those who post their own media are knowledgeable about their rights and ways to protect themselves. Privacy and security have been on my mind more and more ever since taking MCO 425 in session A. I was a person who has always had their social media public, meaning all of my tweets, Instagram posts, Snapchats, etc. have been open for literally anyone to see and after learning more and more about the privacy we have/don’t have online, I wish I had never done this. In fact, I really had wished I could go back and not have posted much at all on top of being more private with my accounts in my younger years. Things on the internet as we know live forever, and I think this is something that is negatively affecting our younger generations because they can be so naive and oblivious to the internet with how they use it which can lead to really more harm than good in their experience. To tie this point back to media creation, I think it would be so beneficial and important for specifically social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook, to have a “child mode” or something of that nature. Much like parents can set on YouTube to limit and censor content to children, social media sites should have this ability as well. For example, this video from the site itself is a great resource for parents to use in order to set up parental controls for their kids:

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