Will We Ever be Rid of Misinformation?

Misinformation is an online plague that I honestly feel we will never fully be able to get rid of. I do feel that the problem will definitely get better as people have more experiences with it and become more versed in doing our own research and spotting questionable information.

I feel as though misinformation succeeds because there really is a lack of media literacy in society. Whether than comes from older generations being less familiar with social media, people being too biased to their preconceived notions, or just the fact that those who post misinformation know how to make it appear real. Technology and our social media platforms are so advanced now that faking news and information is so easy to do. There are things like deepfakes where we can make it appear as though somebody said something they did not through video or audio clips. There are sites and/or blogs that are purely biased and only spew misinformation with a real domain, images, and other media to make it appear real, and the main reason it succeeds, there are enough people who believe and support it. In order to really put some sort of end or to slow down misinformation, people have to start doing their own research and really look in depth at the sources they’re reading information from, or it will only get worse.

This is the main reason why I feel like we will never be able to make misinformation disappear. There are just too many people out there who don’t think twice about what they see or hear and will believe whatever they see from who they follow on their timelines. Another reason it won’t go away is because there’s no reason for these “sources” to stop. As long as there is some group of people willing to click on their links and read their content, they will continue to make content. Plus, others will just follow suit seeing the success in certain or styles video of misinformation. I do 100% feel like we can slow down misinformation and get rid of alot of these outlets, but I just don’t see how it could ever fully go away because there will always be two sides to things. For example, politics and Covid are two things that have split opinions, but these are just two examples of endless topics that give the opportunity for misinformation to be produced. Overall, I feel like our goal should just be to educate as many people as we can on how to spot misinformation and to do our own research. Look into the sources that are posting things and trust your skepticism. There is so much out there, and we are all bound to fall for it once in a while, but the better we are at spotting and discrediting it, the less common it will be.

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